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I am a girl in need of a title. You see, I have enjoyed a job title for the past 32 years and I loved it. The descriptions in my title (minister, director, team leader) enabled me to have a voice and a platform. It gave people around me an avenue to introduce me or an excuse as to why I attended a meeting or lead an event. Having a title was fun, easy and it fit.

But everything changed this past August. After me and the hubs both served in vocational ministry as staff members, we sensed the Lord lead us on a different path. Mark felt called to pastor and after much discussing about me not ever, ever having to volunteer with jr high boys, we moved from Brandon, MS to Carthage, MS where he began as pastor at West Carthage Baptist Church. We love these people and feel so welcomed. We know that we are in our sweet spot---hopefully the next 20 years! But it's left me in no man's land without a title.

I find myself getting introduced as "The pastors wife". Now, I am a proud wife--Mark is a consistent, Godly leader and husband. I am his number 1 fan! But I have never been identified or defined by his vocation. I mean, he is the pastor and I am his wife. So that is a true statement. But I am not sure what to do with those words. Does it mean I am supposed to cook? or sew? or send thank you notes within an Emily Post "48 hour" window? If any of these are true, I am in trouble. I am way more like a "l found this cute scarf for you at Dirt Cheap" than a "Here's some homemade chicken salad" kind of girl. In addition to that, I even struggle keeping the peace plant alive from my momma's funeral.

Wade Prather, the editor at our local newspaper, told me recently that if you receive compensation for speaking or writing, you can call yourself a Professional Speaker and Writer. Whew. I think I am going to go with that title as I launch what God has planned for me in this next season. I cherish your prayers and encouragement as my ministry begins. This next chapter's title will help me to find my voice.

But, just for fun, if you see my husband, can you please introduce him as the "Professional Speaker and Writers" husband? It would make my day.

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