Planning an event? Here's some info to get you started!

Who is your target?

At the end of your event, who is in the room?

What is your goal?

At the end of your event, what do the participants feel?

What is your why?

When the event is over, what information is being internalized?

Who is on the team?

Nuts and Bolts. How are you making sure all details are checked off?

Below are a few of the presentations Beth has made in previous engagements. Feel free to choose one for your event or she can customize one for your specific audience and goals. 

Women's Events and Shindigs

  •  Celebrating the Seasons
  •  Multi-tasking While Driving...a Bad Combo!

  •  Three Women in the Bible who Rocked their Roles

  •  Why Mentoring Matters

  •  Postcards from a Small Town Girl

  • Joy in Every Season

Team Building

  • No Reservations Required

  • Be Our Guest

  • 3 Eternal Impacts from Sunday School Teachers

  • Seven Secrets Every Volunteer Should Know

  • Making your Kids Ministry a Priority